The Monsters of Magic

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The Monsters of MagicWotC社より出版された六冊目のアンソロジー。マジックの有名な「クリーチャー」をテーマにしている。

[編集] 収録作品


  • Part I: Ancient Monsters
    • Who is Queen? (Scott McGough)
    • Ach! Hans, Run! (Will McDermott)
    • The Reluctant Student (Tim Ryan)
    • Unlikely Allies and Unjust Desserts (Brian M. Thomsen)
  • Part II: Modern Monsters
    • Ereth the Mighty (A.L. Lassieur)
    • True Enough (Denise R. Graham)
    • Seasons of Slaughter (Vance Moore)
    • An Atog Comes to Aphetto (Steven E. Schend)
  • Part III: Otherworldly Monsters
    • Delraich (Jess Lebow)
    • Tap, Kraken & Pop (Tom Dupree)
    • Crucible (Stephen D. Sullivan)
    • The Voice of Command (Paul B. Thomson)

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